Portrait of an Artist: Sage Tyrtle

One of my photography projects this fall is to take environmental portraits of various creative people I am lucky to know. For this project I am using black and white analog film, and old cameras in order to get a more organic look for the images. The artist featured in this image is podcaster Sage Tyrtle.

Sage Tyrtle

Simply put, Sage is perhaps the most talented podcaster I know. Her podcast QN is always thought-provoking, often very funny in an ironic and sardonic kind of way, and always extremely well crafted both from a technical point of view and especially in terms of the writing involved.

Shooting this image was challenging; I used my old Nikkormat FT2 with a 24mm f2.8 Nikkor lens (one of my favourites), and Ilford XP2+ film. Technically it was a very challenging shoot, with dim lighting and very little room to work in. Also, the shutter on this 35 year old camera started sticking, ruining a number of frames. I literally got only one usable frame (the one you see above) but I was really happy with how the image turned out; I think it captured Sage’s energy and joy in doing what she loves to do.

4 thoughts on “Portrait of an Artist: Sage Tyrtle

  1. Wow – great image. I know that Sage said she recorded in her closet, but I always assumed it was just a huge walk-in closet šŸ™‚

    Is it more of a challenge to take close up photos in close quarters, or to take huge landscape photos encompassing a large amount of subject matter?


  2. My kind of people photo, John. I love it. (black coat w round collar, plastic extendable clothes rack showing telescoping capablitity, lockable wall fixture holding end of rack, dark grey hanger hook w tip of hook showing on other side of rack, macrame purse w its braided/unbraided strap tied to rack, light stainless steel mic mesh emerging from purse, windscreen, super-duper headphones, small cupped hand w wedding band w palm upward, wire for headphones, black sweater, head and shoulders, wavey hair w flyaway strand, dark ovalish glasses with straight outsides, expressive facial expression, perspective distortion, partial silhouette of person in halfway 3/4 view or near profile, thin line demarking sweater and coat, thickish curved adjustable wire for windscreen, light effect showing drop off from light at top to middle grey shade at bottom of backgroubd, light effect on object showing light tones on tops with darker shades on sides, corner of closet marked by reflection angle of light, circularity of lines and shapes of objects flow diagonally downward from left to right side alternating light/dark in rule of thirds approach, smooth to woven textures). It works!


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