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In a city of expensive real estate, resulting in a housing crisis for many, I am surprised this ramshackle house is still in its present condition. It looks like it could tell a story to two!

IPhone 13 Pro Max
Post work in Snapseed app

Abstract Colours

Recently I was out with my Wednesday photowalk friends and we ran across a kayak rental on the Humber River here in Toronto. I loved the look of the kayaks stored together, like puzzle pieces.

Banff 4: Black and White versus Colour

When I was in Banff in terms of film I was shooting black and white, not colour; the only colour images I shot were with my iPhone, so here is a comparison of almost the exact same image, one taken with my Rolleiflex, the other with my iPhone. I know colour is more popular these days, but there is still something about black and white that makes it my “mother tongue” as far as photography is concerned.

Banff and LB Jan 2015060


Selective Focus

Today I had to take an old Press Camera to the “camera hospital” to get a rangefinder alignment done, and afterwards did some shooting in Toronto’s King/Dufferin area with a Graflex Century 35, and the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. The image below was taking with the Hipstamatic, and I really like how the selective focus worked out!


Face as Biography

I love looking at the people on the TTC (and since I have a one hour plus commute to work each day, I have plenty of time to look!).

Today’s image was taken on Sunday morning on the TTC. It’s been awhile since I have seen so much of the pain and weariness that life holds for some people etched on a person’s face.

So much living and pain

Pedestrians Under Glass

Every now and then it’s fun to throw an iPhone photo into the mix. I took this image on the way to a meeting in downtown Toronto yesterday, timing it to get the pedestrian framed in the reflection in the building.

Pedestrians Under Glass