Artist Statement

In my work, I am seeking to capture an image imaginary time. Orginally, Imaginary time was a concept in cosmology.

Wikipedia describes Imaginary Time as follows:

“Imaginary time is difficult to visualize. If we imagine “regular time” as a horizontal line running between “past” in one direction and “future” in the other, then imaginary time would run perpendicular to this line as the imaginary numbers run perpendicular to the real numbers in the complex plane. However, imaginary time is not imaginary in the sense that it is unreal or made-up — it simply runs in a direction different from the type of time we experience”

For me, Imaginary Time means creating photos that are not temporarily bound to a point in time, either by subject, treatment or technique. I use traditional film cameras and materials, but I also take advantage of computer technology for post-processing. I aim to create images that while containing vintage elements and styles, also have more modern elements.

A successful image for me s one that lives in its own imaginary time, neither present nor past, while still containing elements of both.

One thought on “Artist Statement

  1. A mathematical model of an abstract notion is a difficlut way of presenting the creative process. All techniques or discoveries exist with reference to time. For example, if a polaroid photo’s techniques span the time period of the 1920’s to today, the photo is said to contain attributes from roughly the last 90 years of the 170 year lifespan of photogaphy. Polaroid imaging technology belongs to the year 1948, the year the first polaroid camera was sold (invented in 1946). The manipulation of polaroid film by removing the backing most likely first took place during the 1950’s with the use of polyester film. If a model wears clothing designed during the Victorian era, the look of the image belongs to that time period. So, an image can be said to have characteristcs which originate within a time frame of 150 years. Currently, these characteristics of the image are not of vertical time but ideas that are manifested in horizontal time. So, no matter what occurs or is made involving the making of a photo image, there is a time frame for it, and it is bound to that time. However, if a photo shows a characteristic different from what has been established, it can be said to be a new characteristic heretofor not seen or thought about. This might be of the realm of what you refer to as imaginary time. However, as imaginary as the idea might be, it too will take a position on the horizontal time line with repect to deviations from the original intention of the technology once the new characteristic is accepted in the history of the medium. So, Imaginary time can be said to be that eureka moment when something new is discovered that has never been made before by an individual photographer, and then on the broad scale of time, thought of or presented in the history of photography.


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