Wild Oat Photo Display

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Rolleicord Vb Van Dyke Brown Print of Amy and Argus A Cyanotype of Kathleen With Voigtlander

This page allows you to order one of the prints that is currently on display. Please note that each print will hand-coated and printed, resulting in some degree of variation in appearance. This is a good thing 🙂

Prices are as follows (CDN$):

Size Loose Matted Matted with black frame*
5×7 65 75 95
8×10/11 85 100 130

*It is recommended that for archival purposes, cyanotypes should not be displayed under glass, but be allowed to “breath”

Shipping and handling are extra and will be calculated based on the order.

Payment is by cheque or PayPal

If you would like to order a print, please get in touch! My email address is jgmeadows@gmail.com. Refer to the image by its title.

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