My Gear (Updated, November 2014)

Film, Medium Format:

Rolleiflex E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Mamiya 645 Pro TL with 80mm, 55mm and 150mm lenses
Pentax 6×7 with 105mm, 200mm and 45mm lenses
Mamiya RZ6x7 with 90, 127, 180 and 50mm lenses

Film, 35mm SLR

Nikon F4, F3, F2, F, FE, FM, N90 bodies
Various lenses

Voiglander Bessa R rangefinder body, Bessa L body
21mm/4 Voigtlander lens, 50mm/f2 Russian Jupiter 8 lens, 90nn/f4 Leica Elmar lens

Various Pentax Spotmatic bodies and lenses


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