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Getting the Expression

Every now and then a candid portrait clicks. 🙂 Taken at a recent meet-up of Toronto film shooters.

Nikon N90s, Helios 44/2 58mm/2 lens, adapted for Nikon
Ilford FP4 film, developed as positive by DR5 

Hamilton Supercrawl 1: Portrait of a Stranger

This past Saturday evening I went with photography friend Leon to the Hamilton Supercrawl Street festival to do some street photography. It was a rainy evening, but people were still having fun. The streets were filled with artists selling their creations, and the artisan below saw my Rolleiflex TLR camera and started asking questions about it, so naturally I took the opportunity to create a portrait of a stranger. The Rolleiflex is the perfect ice-breaker in this situation.


Rolleiflex 3.5E3 (Xenotar lens)
HP5+ at EI 800, developed in Legacy Pro EcoPro 1+1 for 14:15

Perfect Expression

Last weekend I had a photoshoot with my good friend (and very talented musician and composer) Jo-Anne. While I was using my Hasselblad kit for most of the work I did take some 35mm images using my Nikon N90s and 50mm/1.4 Nikkor lens. I used Rollei RPX 400, pushed to EI 1600 using Tmax developer. I was very happy with the expression I was able to catch.

Jo-Anne W RXP 1600003-Edit


I had the pleasure of working with friend and frequent creative collaborator Jennifer Bettencourt this past weekend. In addition to being a talented model, Jennifer is also an accomplished fadista, or singer of Portuguese Fado music. The shoot was inspired by Fado legend Amália Rodrigues, a we were going for a fairly formal look, with some intensity.

24576089143_afbbefbfb1_b (2)

Rolleiflex 3.5E3 (Xenotar lens)
Tri-X, developed in Ilfosol 3 1+9


Depth of Character

Finally back with a new image! This is my good friend Sylvain; a couple of weeks ago I enjoyed meeting up with him and other good friends just outside Montreal. This image was created with my 4×5 Speed Graphic and 1860’s Petzval lens.

When Sylvain saw the image, he said he thought he looked “serious.” The word that works for me is “thoughtful”; like everyone at the gathering, Sylvain is a person of great depth and creativity; he lives up to the caption on his T-shirt. This lens has a very shallow depth of field, but I think it captures depth of character.

My friend Sylvain

HP5+ developed in D-76 stock solution