There is a time and place for digital photography, but that time is not always now, and that place is not always here!

Announcing two new event photography services that are film-based, and a little different:

Instant Event Photo-Album

Imagine getting a photo album as soon as your event is done! I will shoot your event using vintage instant photography technology, and will present you with a classic style photo album (black paper, photos mounted with photo-corners), captions done in a silver pen.

The perfect souvenir for special occasions such as engagement parties, bridal or baby showers, or any special occasion! A unique offering.


Photography in Character

Let’s face it, standard event photography can be a bit boring, so here’s something different: how about event photography that brings some performance into the picture? Introducing “Squeegee”, a stogie-chomping, fedora and trench coat wearing press photographer straight out of the 1940’s. Armed with an authentic Speed Graphic press camera, and accompanied by his femme fatale assistant, a fun and funny photographic experience is guaranteed!

$500-700, depending on how the pictures are delivered to you (prints, disc, album etc.)







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