Print, Negative and Slide Scanning/Restoration Services

Are you inundated with prints, black & white or colour negatives, or slides that you need digitized?

I provide fast and economical scanning services! I can scan/digitize images of any size, and colour of black and white negatives up to 8 x 10 inches Anything from 8mm Minox submini negatives up to vintage folding cameras and view cameras. I can even manage glass plates!

Note: if you have both a print and the negative/slide for a print you want digitized, often a better result will come from scanning the negative or slide, particularly if the print is worn, faded or damaged, and the negative/slide has been well stored. If you are not sure, send me both and I can quickly determine which will provide the best image!

I can provide any resolution or file format you require. Contact me at

Pricing can be by the image, by the hour, or by quote for bulk requests.

I can provide straight scans or I can also provide basic retouching/restoration of images. The two examples below show about 5 minutes of work per image. I can spend as much time as you like restoring an image.



All originals will be handled with the utmost care and caution. I can provide scans as cloud-based downloads (recommended), and/or mail you USB media/hard drives.