A Great Day for the Kodachrome Photo-Walk

Thanks to “The Scarborough Dude” for the photo!

It was a great day for the Kodachrome photo-walk in Morningside Park in Scarborough, Ontario yesterday; we couldn’t have ordered better weather, and we had a really nice group of people in attendance. The most popular cameras were Nikons, from a Nikkormat FT2 (mine) to a beautiful F100. A couple of folks had Pentax cameras, and one lucky attendee (here from Texas!) had a gorgeous Leica M6 rangefinder.

What was also really neat to see was over one century-old view camera brought along by one attendee; he wasn’t able to shoot Kodachrome, but instead was shooting paper negatives. Imagine, in an era where digital cameras are declared obsolete after a few years, here was a camera from around 1901, still being used to make images!

The leaves were beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the images. Waiting is part of the experience of course; it will be about a month before we get our slides back. By then the leaves we made images of today will long since be gone, but thanks to Kodachrome the colours will last a long long time!

4 thoughts on “A Great Day for the Kodachrome Photo-Walk

  1. Thanks for organizing the walk John. Tace, Clara and I had a lot of fun and I hope that the crying baby wasn’t too much of a disturbance of the peace and quiet that was Morningside park on a beautiful Saturday morning.
    This was my first official “photowalk” and I think that it was a great introduction. I look forward to taking part in many more. Also, thanks for inspiring me to dig out those old cameras. It was interesting using 4 different cameras spanning the years from 1930 to 2004. I will send you the scans when the various negs come back. Hopefully, there are some good ones and I haven’t forgotten how to take “proper” photos.
    Thanks again.


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