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The Former Don Jail

It is so nice to see a former jail become a place of healing (as part of the BridgePoint Health Centre)

Voigtlander Bessa R2M,
15mm/f4.5 Superwide Heliar lens

Rollei RPX 25 film


This spot in High Park has been featured below, but this time the image was created from a slightly different angle. I quite like the look of RPX25 in medium format!

Mamiya RZ67, 65mm/f4.5 C lens
Rollei RPX25 film, developed in Rodinal

Rollei RPX25 and Medium Format

Back to one of my happy places in High Park. I continue to be on a bit of a fine grain slow speed film kick. Rollei RPX25 is another amazing film, but you have to get the exposure right. (It really doesn’t like over-exposure). It has a nice snappy contrast, making it perfect for dull days).

Mamiya RZ67, Rollei RPX25 film, developed in Rodinal

Ghost #2

Another “ghost image” from High Park a few days ago. Something caught the dog’s attention and it stayed still long enough to register, more than the dog’s companions further back. Exposure about 1.5 seconds.

Mamiya RZ67, Rollei RPX25 film

Ghost #1

This past Saturday on a very gloomy and dull morning I went to High Park with my Mamiya RZ67, slow speed fine-grained films and of course a tripod. Exposures were often 1 second more, so any moving people in the image would be a ghostly blur. I like the effect!

Mamiya RZ67 on tripod, Rollei RPX25 film developed in Rodinal
Exposure: 1 second

Building in Sunlight

I like the look of buildings in bright morning sunlight: angles and edges look especially sharp and defined. This is Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto.

Mamiya RZ67, 7mm/4.5 PC lens
Rollei RPX 25 film developed in Rodinal