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Only Cafe Portrait Series #5: Jamie Marcellus

Only Cafe Portrait Series #5. I had a great time this morning meeting up with my good friend (and extremely talented photographer) Jamie Marcellus.

As always for this project, shooting with my Sony A7ii and my old Helios 44 lens (58mm/f2).

If you are in the Toronto area and can get to the Donlands/Danforth area and would like to be part of this project, please let me know!

Sony A7ii, 58m/f2 Helios lens

The Only Cafe Portrait Series #3 (Jeff)

Today the third portrait in this ongoing project. It was fun chasing the best light around the table for this portrait; I asked Jeff to sit in three different chairs, and the light was definitely the best where he was sitting for this image.

Sony A7ii, 58m/f2 Helios 44 lens

Outing With a friend (The Only Cafe Portrait Series)

I was out with a photography friend yesterday, and I took this portrait of him at the Only Cafe. The technology was old and new; the camera was my Sony A7ii, but the lens was my old Soviet era Helios 44/2 lens, mounted via adapter. The light was from an overcast day, coming in through a window. I love what this lens can do!

Sony A7ii, Helios 44/2 lens (58mm/f2)

The Smile of a Child

I don’t often get the chance to photograph children, so I was very happy with how this portrait of a friend’s son turned out. (Posted with permission).

Rolleiflex 3.5 E3
Ultrafine Xtreme 100 film
Developed in Rodinal


Summer Shoot

Last Friday was an extremely warm day, but still a good day for a shoot with my friend Natalia! Hasselblad 500CM, 80mm and 250mm lenses, Utrafine Extreme 400 and Kodak TMax 400 films

Hard Shadows

Normally, bright sun and hard shadows are the last thing you want for a portrait, but this time around it worked. 🙂


Hasselblad 500CM, 250mm/f5.6 Zeiss Sonnar lens
Ultrafine Extreme 400 film