Podcasting Services

Increasingly organizations are finding podcasting to be an easy and effective means of communication, not only externally with customers and other stakeholders, but also internally within the organization. With the new reality of an increasingly remote and hybrid workforce, a podcast can act as a conduit for communication that can emphasize humanity in a way just another email cannot, but only if it is designed properly. Simply reading a pre-defined script is not the way to go; an effective podcast is a conversation.

I have been involved in podcasting since 2007, and for the last few years have been one of the hosts, as well as the main editor for The Classic Camera Revival podcast, and recently in my past employment I helped spearhead the use of corporate podcasts for a number of business groups both in Canada and the USA. I was able to provide end to end support, from planning and consulting, through recording and editing straight through to hosting assistance. The business found these podcasts, aimed at remote sales groups and geographically disparate teams to be an effective and popular means of communicating with their employees.

I would be happy to discuss what podcasting can do for you. Reach out to me at jgmeadows@gmail.com

Podcasting at the mic