I have a few “Wallflowers” in my camera collection: cameras that I just never seem to get around to using. The camera I used this morning shooting in a Park in Toronto near Yonge/St. Clair is one example: one of three Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR’s I got for next to nothing sometime ago. The bodies were cheap because the meters didn’t work, but everything else certainly does — the Spotmatic has a lovely solid feel, and the shutter sounds like it will last forever. It is easy to see why the Spotmatic is considered a classic.

Twisted Path 1


(Pentax Spotmatic SP, 55/1.8 Pentax Tukamar lens, Ilford Delta 400 film at EI 200,
developed in Microdol-X 1:1, 14.5 minutes @ 20 C)

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