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The View

The light down at the Beaches yesterday morning was incredible, as was the scene. Very cold, but dead calm, allowing the gathering of mist on the water. This man was excited by the scene, as he raced from spot to spot capturing the moment on his smartphone. Different gear, but a kindred spirit.

Beaches Spotmatic005-Edit

Pentax Spotmatic SP1000, 50mm/2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena lens
Ilford Pan F+ film developed in Rodinal

On the Path

It was a bright (if cold) Sunday morning this past weekend, so I decided to go to High Park (and take the entrance near the Keele subway station). I had a couple of cameras with me; this image was taken with an old Pentax Spotmatic, with a 50mm/2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena lens mounted. I love the look of the images from this lens! (Shot on Kodak Tmax 400 film)

12309580_10153149103631987_3528869605678278689_o (1)

Playing Chess

Another image from the roll shot using the Pentax 200mm/f4 lens, this time of chess players in front of Metropolitan Church in downtown Toronto. There is always an interesting collection of characters in this location!

Playing Chess


(Pentax Spotmatic, 200mm/f4 Super Takumar lens, HP5 film at box speed, developed in D-23 1:1 15 minutes)

From a Distance

I finally got around to developing a roll I shot earlier this year: Ilford HP5 film, using a Pentax Spotmatic and a Pentax Super Takumar 200mm/f4 lens. Hard to beat the balance and feel of the Pentax lenses! Some street photography purists poo-poo using telephoto lenses for street work, calling it cheating, but I was there and this was the lens on the camera . . .

On the Steps


Pentax Spotmatic, 200mm/4 Super Takumar lens, HP5 film at box speed developed for 15 minute in D-23 1:1)