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Ward’s Island

I had a great time with some photography friends this past Sunday on Ward’s Island in Toronto.

Kodak Medalist, 100mm/f3.5 Ektar lens with yellow filter.
Re-spooled Rollei Retro 400s film, semi-stand developed in Rodinal

The Twisted Branch

A complicated branch from a tree in Taylor Creek Park

Kodak Medalist camera with EKtar 100mm/f3.5 lensĀ 
Kodak TMax 100 film (respooled for 620)
Semi-stand developed in Rodinal

Layers of Solitude

I was out a few days ago with my Kodak Medalist I camera in nearby Taylor Creek Park, shooting one of my favourite bridges. I noticed in the distance a woman wearing the hijab out walking, and suddenly to my eyes the scene was no longer about the bridge but about solitude and anonymity.

Kodak Medalist I, Ilford HP5+ respooled for 620