The Skyline From the Island

The best place to capture the Toronto skyline is from the islands.

Kodak Medalist, 100mm/f3.5 Ektar lens with yellow filter.
Rollei Retro 400s film, re-spooled for 620,
semi-stand developed in Rodinal

2 thoughts on “The Skyline From the Island

  1. I love my Medalist II, and you’ve obviously put yours to good use. For such an old camera it has a remarkably big viewfinder. I like composing with it, and the lens certainly rewards good composition. I do have a harder time moving the coil in and out to focus. The focusing view is easy and distinct, but the motion of the lens is not as smooth as I would like, so I’ve found that I can’t find precise focus as quickly as I would like. Do you find that the micro-focus wheel on the Medalist I makes the process easier?

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