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Art Deco Exterior

I am a big fan of Art Deco, and I love the exterior of the GO transit station in Hamilton, Ontario. A fine example of this style.

Hamilton Gas005

Kodak Medalist camera with 100mm/3.5 Ektar lens
Ilford HP5+ film respooled for 620 f0rmat, developed in Ilfosol 3


G.A.S. Meet-up

Yesterday the Classic Camera Revival Podcast (of which I am one of hosts) held a film photography meet-up in Hamilton, Ontario. G.A.S. stands for “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” the desire for film shooters to always get one more piece of gear. 🙂 I took this portrait of one of the attendees with my Kodak Medalist 620 camera, using respooled Ilford HP5+ film, developed in Ilfosol 3.

Hamilton Gas004-Edit


Inside one of the art structures on the Beaches. This image (taken with my Kodak Medalist I on respooled Tri-X) was not easy to focus!

Bill Beaches018

In Colour

I’ve shot the wagon wheels in Toronto’s Distillery District a number of times, but this is the first time in colour, and my first time shooting Kodak Portra 800. Shooting in 6×9 format (spooled for 620 for my Medalist) I am amazed at the tight grain structure for an 800 speed film! I will need to get more of this stock!

Potra 800 6x9007

Home-developed with Argentix.ca C-41 kit

Shooting What I Feel

I have probably mentioned this before, but my own theory of photography involves images that tend to fall into three categories:

  1. Shooting what is in front of the camera
  2. Shooting what I see
  3. Shooting what I feel

My goal as much as possible is to shoot images that fall into categories 2 and 3, and for me this image from the shore of lake Ontario last Sunday falls into category 3. The light was dramatic, and in post I heavily accentuated the drama of the light to match the emotional response I was feeling.


Kodak Medalist I with 100m/3.5 Kodak Ektar lens
Tri-X (120 film respooled onto 620 spool)
Developed in Xtol 1+1 9 minutes @ 20 C