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Timing and Luck

I grabbed this image on the way home from rehearsal tonight; just as she and her companion were getting off the train, she glanced back, and I was ready :-). I love it when that happens 🙂


Accidental Backgrounds

In my subway Hipstamatic series, composition is a very quick, furtive process, with not a lot of time to pay too much attention to the background. This fact makes it interesting when background elements such as words add an additional element of meaning to the image. Here are two examples of images where I lucked out with some great accidental backgrounds.

In this image, I like  the fact that to the left of the rider’s eyes the words “Soar there” can be seen.

Looking Up

In this image, seeing the words “Crisis link” in the background made it really interesting for me.


Real Character

Let’s face it; the man in today’s image is not likely to be featured on the cover of GQ any time soon. But what a fascinating face! Textures, interesting lines, the sense of biography and the living of a hard working life are all present. He is no Ken Doll: he is much more interesting. I have worked in the past with a lot of models, but this year I need to expand my horizons and capture more images of people who are not conventionally attractive. (They are my tribe, after all: I am not likely to make GQ anytime soon!) In an age where so much visual imagery is used merely to capture pretty people for shallow marketing purposes, it is important to capture this aspect of humanity.

He may not be pretty. But he is real.


Really interesting face


Many of the Hipstamatic images I have taken on the TTC (Toronto’s mass transit) recently have shown fatigue: the faces of people being steadily worn down by the demands of living and working in Toronto. Today’s image is different. Yes, this commuter’s eyes are closed, but I did not get a sense of weariness from him, but rather more of a sense of serenity and peace.