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Whatever It Takes

Today, another image from my daily commute on the TTC. Again I took it using my iPhone, with the Hipstamatic app. For someone who is primarily known as a film photographer, this recent trend may be surprising to many people I know. However, I think I’d rather be known as someone who who used whatever worked to create an image that conveys what I saw and felt. Much of the time I will use film, but not always.

The rough, lo-fi look of the Hipstamatic to me is perfect for this subject, and this time of day (normally early morning, before 7 a.m.). It is a dark, gritty, unfocused time of day. With the iPhone I can take this images unobtrusively, in a manner not really possible with other cameras.


Two images

I took some more Hipstamatic images on the way to work today, and since I can’t decide between them, I’m going to post them both :-). The first one I like because of the blurred background on the left; rather than the interior of the subway train it looks like it could be part of a dream landscape.

On the way to work around 0630 on the subway

The second image is of the same rider a moment or two later; fatigue and life written clearly in the lines on his face.

On the way to work around 0630 on the subway


If I drove to work, I would miss these opportunities.

Without Guile

It is frustrating that we live in a climate where street photography of children can be dangerous. As long as the subject is in public view, and I do not use the images for commercial purposes, to create images such as today’s is legal, but still risky. We are becoming a society driven by mistrust, sadly. I couldn’t resist taking this image today of a young child on the bus home; her expression was direct, thoughtful, and (in the manner of young children), open, and without guile. Hopefully not too many viewers will consider me a creeper for posting this image.

Without Guile

Nothing Outside

I originally started taking photographs of this rider on the subway because I thought his hat was interesting, but looking at the images later, this one really caught my eye because of the completely blank windows. The train was above ground at this point, but seeing nothing through the train windows, just the light gives the image a strange feeling for me.

Blank windows

A Different World

Coming home from work the other day, waiting for the bus at Broadview station I noticed this woman. She seemed to be in a different world, standing almost at attention, looking straight ahead, but with her eyes almost completely closed. It was impossible to really get a sense of what was going on.

Going Home


On the subway to work this morning, the intensity of this man’s expression caught my attention; he spent the whole time whispering to himself under his breath.

Intensity of Expression

Face as Biography

I love looking at the people on the TTC (and since I have a one hour plus commute to work each day, I have plenty of time to look!).

Today’s image was taken on Sunday morning on the TTC. It’s been awhile since I have seen so much of the pain and weariness that life holds for some people etched on a person’s face.

So much living and pain