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New Work

With my show now up on the wall, I actually have some time for new work! I finished off a roll yesterday on my Voigtlander Bessa L camera with the Voigtlander 15mm/4.5 lens. I love the dramatic perspective of this lens!


Tree Blur

Despite what Rob Ford might have claimed at a debate recently, subways can indeed run above ground, and portions of Toronto’s TTC subway are above ground. I like what my Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) does to the trees it passes on the Bloor/Danforth line.

Tree blur

Old Married Couple

With the ubiquity of cell phones, we are seeing fewer and fewer pay phones; they are increasingly seen as obsolete, and the ones that are still around tend to be in pretty rough shape. These two outside the Bathurst subway station seem different; they are both in decent condition, and seem determined to maintain dignity and a sense of purpose. In a sense, they remind me of an old married couple: not flashy, but dedicated and devoted.

Old Married Couple(Canon 7 35mm rangefinder, 50mm/f2 Jupiter 8 lens,
Fomapan 100 film,

developed in Tmax developer for 9 minute)

The Right Gear

I noticed this young photographer on the subway yesterday. He was equipped with a Canon SLR and what appeared to be a manual focus lens, likely a 50mm or 35mm. What I noticed more than the camera and  though was his eyes:  he was looking at everything, noticing everything, and in his mind framing every possible shot. Without ever seeing an image of his, I am quite confident that his photography would be good.

He had the right gear; and I don’t mean his camera, I mean his eyes and awareness which transcend whatever camera he had in his hands.

Young Photographer

The Story

I don’t normally publish twice a day, but I really wanted to share this image. What a powerful, haunted face I saw on the subway on the way home this afternoon.

Fascinating Face!

Graphic Imagery

Today’s image was taken about a week ago; I was at Downsview subway station, waiting to meet someone from whom I was buying some film (and got a great deal on 20 rolls of some medium format Fuji colour negative film!). With me I had my “Baby” Speed Graphic (originally designed to shoot 2 1/4″  x 3 1/4″ sheet film, I was shooting 6 x 7 cm images on 120 roll film, via a film holder from an Mamiya RB 67). It has a 101mm Kodak Ektar lens, which I just love!

Downsview Station, Bus Level