More Petzval Portraits

On Sunday of this past weekend I met up with my friend and fellow film photographer Ori, who agreed to pose for a couple of portraits shot with my 1950’s era 4×5 Speed Graphic camera, with my mid 1860’s Brass Petzval lens. The film was expired EFKE, with a speed of 25, sadly no longer made. This stock is orthochromatic, meaning not sensitive to red light, which was pretty standard for the 19th century, and great for male portraits.

I am finally happy with the results from this lens, meaning that I now want to shoot as many people as possible with it! 🙂
Second Portrait of Ori

Petzval Portait

3 thoughts on “More Petzval Portraits

  1. I’m curious….why male portraits? Is it to do with makeup?

    I’d love to try a Graphic/Petzval combo someday, but right I’m trying to get a good solid foundation with a “beginner setup”..Yashica/TMax/D76


    1. Sorry for the delay in responding 😦 Ortho film tends to emphasize skin texture: great for men, not always seen as ideal for women. On the flip side, films with high red sensitivity (like Rollei Retro 80s) are great for women’s portraits.


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