One of my current favourite film cameras continues to be my early 1960’s era Olympus Pen F 35mm half frame single lens reflex. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I only have one lens for it, and additional lenses are collectable (read, not cheap). So I was thrilled last week when an adapter arrived from China that will allow me to use Nikon and Canon glass on this camera. (It’s really two adapters in one: a Canon EF to Olympus Pen adapter, and a Nikkor to Canon EF adapter). Yesterday before meeting up with a friend I went out in highly variable weather with a Nikkor 105mm/f.25 lens attached. While I got some vignetting in the viewfinder it didn’t seem to affect the final images :-).

The white dots are snowflakes.

Olympus Pen F with NIkkor 105 lens


Olympus Pen F, Nikkor 105mm/f2.5 lens
Rollei 80s developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 16 minutes

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