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Tulips in May

I live close to the East York Civic Centre here in Toronto, and it was nice to see flowers (mainly tulips) in bloom in the garden out front yesterday. Sony A7ii, 55mm/f3.5 Micro-Nikkor lens

My New Novel!

Not a photography post, but still an announcement that means a lot to me:

I have decided to do a “soft launch” of my first novel, The Game of Muddy York, by making it freely available as a PDF for download here.

I will be starting on the sequel in November, but for the time being if you like Urban Fantasy, feel free to download and have a read!

Thanks to Janice Kerrkamp, Jo-Anne Wurster and Susan Murphy, my beta test readers!

And of course a special thanks to Janice Kerkkamp for her help and support over this 10 month project!

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday, April 28th was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. It was a brilliantly sunny (if cold) day, and to celebrate some of the local film community met up in Burlington for a photowalk. Using the same 120 format pinhole camera I got recently I got the same unpredictable results. Pinhole photography in my opinion is a state of mind as much as it is a specific kind of gear.

All images shot using Fuji Neopan Acros 100 film

Still Alive

March 15th was Expired Film Day (a day to celebrate film that is long past its best before date!). It was a workday for me so I went out one day later this morning, which I think was sort of appropriate :-). I like going for the gusto so I got out a roll of AgfaPan 100 that expired in 1987 (32 years ago!). It’s box speed is 100, but I added 2 stops of exposure and then developed normally. There was a fair amount of base fog, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed in post. Rather surprised at what I got!

All images shot with a Canon Rebel TI and a Helios 44/2 58mm/f2 lens, mounted via an adapter

Closed Umbrellas

Since I am away from my darkroom until September, even though I am shooting a lot of film it will be smartphone images for a few days. These closed umbrellas at the Musee National des beaux-arts in Quebec City caught my eye yesterday.

At the Game

Last Saturday my wife and I were guests of a good friend and his girlfriend at a Jays game at the Dome. (I still prefer the old name!). We had amazing seats!

Voigtlander Bessa R2M, 50mm/f2 Heliar lens
Eastman Double-X film @ EI 400, developed in TMax developer