In Contrast

I finally got around to developing a roll of Delta 100 black and white film I had shot with “The Beast” (my Pentax 6×7) over the last few weeks. I like this image because it shows a contrast in architectural styles in downtown Toronto. I am also thinking of another contrast: with a roll of film that waits a while before being developed, it is easy to forget what images are on the roll, and hence I get a pleasant surprise. No such experience in the digital world of instant gratification.

Contrasting Architecture

One thought on “In Contrast

  1. Hi John, when I read your comments re the pleasure obtained from working in film, you offer the opinion that similar pleasures and surprises are not available in digital photography. Basic psychology tells us that at least 80% of human experience is unmotivated and open for the discovery of new awareness. This leaves a relatively small area for a negative opinion as the digital photographer must be experiencing 80% personal satisfaction in an equivalent way to a film photographer even though both are working with relatively different tools to achieve similar ends. Post modernism and beyond is about the myriad ways of doing things, in particular, achieving an equivalent end. Otherwise, without achieving satisfaction, why would one bother to do anything?


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