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Three for the Show

My mission tonight is to make 11″ by 14″ prints of these images taken yesterday at the bitterly cold shores of Lake Ontario. I was very happy at how the images turned out, so I think they merit a place in my upcoming photo exhibition. All three were taken with my Pentax 6×7 medium format camera, an oversized beast that  works well in gloved hands 🙂 I shot one roll of my limited stock of Kodak Plus-X film ,sadly no longer made.

Toronto Beaches, -22 C

Toronto Beaches, -22 C

Toronto Beaches, -22 C

Buried Treasure

If I leave film lying around undeveloped long enough, and it’s not labelled, I forget what’s on the roll. This makes for an interesting (and often pleasant) surprise when I do get around to developing the film. Today’s image falls into this category. I had done a couples shoot, but mainly in digital. I did bring along my Pentax 6×7 medium format camera and took a few images, and then promptly forgot I had taken some film shots along with the digitals. When I developed the film a few days ago, I saw this image, and it has become my favourite from the shoot.

One more of Amy and Jerrod

In Contrast

I finally got around to developing a roll of Delta 100 black and white film I had shot with “The Beast” (my Pentax 6×7) over the last few weeks. I like this image because it shows a contrast in architectural styles in downtown Toronto. I am also thinking of another contrast: with a roll of film that waits a while before being developed, it is easy to forget what images are on the roll, and hence I get a pleasant surprise. No such experience in the digital world of instant gratification.

Contrasting Architecture

Table Rock

This image is a cyanotype of an image I took a bit over a week ago at Niagara Falls, from a spot called Table Rock. I took this image on a Friday morning, very close to the spot where a couple of days later, a young woman would slip and fall into the river and over the falls, to her death.

Niagara Falls, Table Rock

My New Beast

This picture was taken this past weekend at Fort George in Niagara-On-the-Lake with a new (to me) camera: a Pentax 6×7. This is a beast of a camera, shooting 6×7 cm negatives (400% of the area of a 35mm negative) on 120 film. I’m in love 🙂 The 6×7 is the love child of a camera and a tank.

Behind a shed, Fort George