Timewarp Tuesday: Kodachrome Then

It was 1981; I was in first year university and in a serious relationship with the woman in the image below. The image was captured using Kodachrome 64 and my old Yashica TL-Electro. I remember going through almost the entire roll of film (an extravagance back then for me) taking pictures of my girlfriend in the leaves.

Among the Leaves

The slides have been in storage now for almost three decades, but being Kodachrome, the colours have held up quite well, and if I continue to store them properly, they will last for quite some time to come.  So much has changed in my life since then (relationships, where I live etc.) but Kodachrome did capture the moment,  and made the moment immortal in a way that I don’t think digital can.

2 thoughts on “Timewarp Tuesday: Kodachrome Then

  1. The picture is a nice selective-focus image but what caught my attention is the use of the word immortal and the bias given to Kodachrome. I wonder what people of the post-digital generation will say when their children are taking photos with a yet-to-be-invented image recording device. The point I would like to make is that the subject captured in a past time and transported into the present generates the idea of immortality. Ergo, it’s not the use of film that makes the woman appear immortal to you, rather, it’s her important image from a moment in the past that makes you regard her that way. Kodacrome, digital – in this case – are only the mediums of the message you are receiving about her.


  2. Interesting comment, Rodney. I would respond by saying that because of Kodachrome’s archival properties it has a better chance of lasting longer than digital files stored on chancy media or in formats that could be unreadable at some point in the future.


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