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Fellow Photographer

I had a fun portrait session this past Saturday with fellow Toronto-area photographer Philip Elliot. There is just something about shooting portraits with a Rolleiflex, and the square format. (Film used was Kodak Tri-X, developed in Xtol 1+1 for 9 minutes @ 20 C)

PE Rollei005-2

Old and New

This image was taken last weekend in a graveyard in southeastern Toronto. I took it with my Rolleiflex using Tmax 40o film, and then because of the extreme contrast of the lighting spent some time playing around with the negative scan, and the result I like the best has an old look to it.


Light of Other Days

This image is a view of the lake at the Laurentians home of my friend Michelle. It was taken inside a hut, looking out through a window. To me the window looks suspended is space, and I reminded of the concept of the classic Science Fiction story Light of Other Days, where “slow glass” forces light to take years to pass though it.

slow glass

Rolleiflex E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Kodak Tmax 400 film developed in Xtol 1+1


Alien World

Recently I was in Alberta for business meetings, and as I was staying over the weekend I had time to do some exploring and drove up to see the Badlands around Drumheller. These formations are called hoodoos; the day brought a bright overcast sky, and combined with a strong backlight the landscape had an alien look to it. While the hoodoos are not as big as one might think (only a few metres), their shape is fascinating.

Hoodoos in the Alberta Badlands

Rolleiflex 3.5E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Plus-X film developed in Rodinal 


Natalia By the Tree

This is the second post featuring an image from my shoot with Natalia Nix last week. I am surprised this one turned out; the light made it hard to see in the viewfinder of my Rolleiflex and it was so humid I was literally sweating into the viewfinder. Even though the original scene was very dull, I went with a high key look on the final version of the shot, taken on Tri-X.

Natalia by the Tree

Inside the AGO

I love the Art Gallery of Ontario 🙂 Not only am I regularly inspired by the art it contains, I just love the architecture of the place!

Inside the AGO

Rolleiflex 3.5E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens.
Ilford FP4+ developed in Rodinal 1+50 for 14 minutes @ 20 C

Back to Scotland

While one can get caught up in the vastness of many scenes in Scotland, it is also worthwhile getting up close, as in these moss covered paleolithic building stones.



Rolleiflex 3.5E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Fuji Neopan Acros 100 film, developed in Rodinal

Early Evening Light

The Light in the Princes Street Garden at around 7 pm in June is lovely; the low angle of the sun makes for some great shadows!

Early evening in the Garden

Rolleiflex E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens.
Tri-X film developed in Tmax Dev

Light and Shadow

The lower angle of the sun lent a certain starkness to the light and shadows of the streets of Edinburgh, and I like what it did to the architecture

Edinburgh Street

Rolleiflex E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Tri-X 400 developed in Tmax Dev 1+4 for 6 minutes @ 20 C