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Only Cafe Portrait Series #5: Jamie Marcellus

Only Cafe Portrait Series #5. I had a great time this morning meeting up with my good friend (and extremely talented photographer) Jamie Marcellus.

As always for this project, shooting with my Sony A7ii and my old Helios 44 lens (58mm/f2).

If you are in the Toronto area and can get to the Donlands/Danforth area and would like to be part of this project, please let me know!

Sony A7ii, 58m/f2 Helios lens

The Only Cafe Portrait Series #3 (Jeff)

Today the third portrait in this ongoing project. It was fun chasing the best light around the table for this portrait; I asked Jeff to sit in three different chairs, and the light was definitely the best where he was sitting for this image.

Sony A7ii, 58m/f2 Helios 44 lens

The Old and Newish Continued

I am continuing to have fun with the combination of my close to six decades old Helios lens and my only a few years old Sony A7ii digital body. This image is from the Beaches this past Sunday. I managed to capture some of the background swirl this lens is known for.

Sony A7ii, 58/f2 Helios 44 lens

The Only Cafe Portrait Series #2 (Ori)

I have decided to start a new long term project called The Only Cafe Portrait Series; all images as follows:

  1. All portraits taken at The Only Cafe, my spiritual home on the Danforth in East Toronto.
  2. I will be using my Sony A7ii, with a more than half century old Helios 44 lens (58mm/f2)
  3. The end results will be black and white.

Today’s portrait of my good friend Ori is actually the second in the series. (Link to the first). If you are in Toronto (or plan to be in the future) and would like be a subject for this project, let me know at johngmeadows@gmail.com.

Sony A7ii, 58mm/f2 Helios 44 lens

MPP (My Photography Podcast) 52: Imperfections


Imperfection is the common theme this week; I talk about how I love the artistic effect of the optical imperfections of the Helios 44/2 lens, and the copy of got for my Nikon, tricked out to work on a Nikon body, by this clever technician (fascinating video by the way).

The other aspect of Imperfection is a reflection on my piano lessons and music, and dealing with the ups and downs of the creative process.

Here are a couple of examples of the swirly effect that is possible with the Helios 44 series of lenses.



Last Sunday morning on the U of T campus. Did she find solitude or did solitude find her?

U of T012

Canon Rebel TI, Helios 44 58mm/2 lens (39mm mount) via adapter
Rollei Retro 80s film, stand developed 1 hour in Rodinal 1+100 @ 20 C

Complicated Light

Another image from my walk around the University of Toronto campus on Sunday morning. This is a doorway at Trinity College. I loved the dappled, complicated light I was seeing that morning!

U of T014-Edit

Canon Rebel TI with Helios 44 58mm/2 lens (39 mm mount, via adapter)
Rollei Retro 80s film, stand developed for 1 hour @ 20 C in Rodinal 1+100

Sharp Light

Yesterday afternoon was a lovely sunny fall day, with a low sun that created interesting hard-edged shadows with a lot of crispness It would have made outdoors portraiture tough, but for what I was shooting at the University of Toronto campus it was perfect.

Nov Distillery dist050-2

Canon Rebel TI, 58mm/2 Helios 44 lens, mounted via adapter
Rollei RPX 25 film, stand developed for one hour in Rodinal 1+100 @ 20 C

Plant in the Light

Another image from Taylor Creek Park. Shooting the Helios 44 wide open gave a soft effect that I quite like for a lot of the plant


Canon Rebel TI with 58mm F2 Helios 44 lens mounted via an adapter
Polypan F film exposed at EI 50,
developed in Xtol 1+1.5 for 9 minutes @ 20 C