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Live in Concert

On Thursday night I had fun shooting the second Vox Toronto Songwriter event at the Cameron House. Four performers were on stage, including Angela Saini, who is the subject of today’s photo. (I had the honour of shooting the cover for her upcoming CD, stay tuned!).



It was a challenging shoot: the room was very dim, and I had to set my Nikon D90 to ISO 3200, and then underexpose a stop, to have a chance at shooting handheld, without a flash. Even then, it was a good thing that I shoot hundreds of image, as many many frames were just too blurred to use.

L’Homage Pour Édith Piaf

Today (the opening night of Man of La Mancha in which I play the Governor and the Innkeeper) seemed like the perfect day to post this image of model Léah, who wanted a portrait that pays tribute to her hero, twentieth century French singer and icon Édith Piaf. I have to admit I didn’t know much about Édith before working with Léah (I had heard La Vie en Rose, but hadn’t made the connection), but in reading about her, listening to her music and watching performances on YouTube I was struck by how this tiny (4 foot 8 inch tall) woman had such a powerful, commanding stage presence, and how her essentially tragic life is transmuted into the emotional intensity of her singing. She literally put everything she had, and everything she was into her performance. As an amateur actor who clearly has so so much to learn, I can really take a lesson from her life and music.

L'Homage Pour Edith Piaf