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A Milestone

I mentioned some time ago that I got to do my first cover photo for the new EP titled Leap by the incredibly talented Angela Saini  and with her recording now released in Europe and about to be launched here in North America I can finally take the wraps off and show you a scan of the cover.

Angela Saini: Leap

Angela is an artist who understands the importance of story; every song of hers has a story, and the concept that evolved for the cover definitely was definitely story-centric as well. The concept of the Leap cover was to show a mix of emotions surrounding taking the next step, taking the risk, “going for it.” That mix of nerves, fear, thrills and excitement you feel when you realize you are about to do something significant; the knowledge that when you go through the door, and take that leap, things will be different and that there will be no going back.

When going through the images there were a lot of very subtle differences in facial expressions, and the image that was finally picked I think has the perfect expression, full of the subtlety and complexity that Angela can muster so effectively.

The launch party for Leap will be held on November 14th at the Rivoli here in Toronto . I cannot go as I will be in 17th century New England that evening (as part of my role in The Crucible, being put on by Alexander Showcase Theatre), but that doesn’t mean you can’t go! The evening is sure to be a lot of fun!

In the meantime, check out some videos of her music!


Since the importance of the story was a frequent point of discussion at VoxPopCon this past weekend, I thought this image would fit well. It is from a recent publicity shoot at High Park with Angela Saini. (If you click on the link you an see her new official publicity shot that I took. You can also see it on her Facebook page). Even though she is barefoot, we thought leaving her shoes in the image would be a good idea, to add more of a sense of story to the image.

Angela Saini at High Park

In the Dark

As I’ve said before, I am not a film-only purist, and there are times when digital technology s what is needed to get the shot. Last night was one of those occasions. I was shooting Angela Saini at the Free Times Cafe here in Toronto. A great location to hear great music, but the stage is very dimly lit. I had to crank up the ISO on my Nikon D7100 to 6400, just to get a decent shot in available light. 6400 is a speed that takes drastic chemical steps to achieve in a film camera, and I wold likely have ended up with golf-ball sized grain. I like this look better.

Angela Saini at Free Times Cafe

Project 6-3-1 Update

Today’s image is from my 6-3-1 project. I had a shoot yesterday with rapper/Hip Hop artist Saint Vybz.He’s busy recording an album, which is being produced by my friend Stevie Z. I used my Mamiya Universal Press camera, 127mm f4.7 lens with red 25A filter, on Fuji FP3000B instant film. This is a scan of the negative.  I thought the grit suited the mood we were going for.

Hip Hop Negative Scan


Firstly, the title of this entry does not refer to a camera!! 🙂

Because of my show involvement I have had next to no time for photography recently, but I did do a promo photo for two very talented ladies (Erin and Mallory) who in addition to being very busy with Young Frankenstein are also putting on a cabaret type show in June. (Highly recommended!!).

The graphic design and post work for this piece was done by the amazing Sharon Zehavi.


Project 6-3-1 Update

Here is another image of Nicole Faye, one of the musicians I am working with for project 6-3-1. This image is a composite of three different images I took of Nicole, allowing her to to in effect channel the Supremes-esque 60’s Motown look.

Nicole Faye Channeling the Supremes

Project 6-3-1

I am in the middle of a project called “Project 6-3-1” in which I am seeing if I can break into music photography as a sideline business. The name is the plan: I do six engagements for free (as an unpaid internship), three at a heavily discounted price, then one (and hopefuly more) at standard market rates. So far, I am involved in three of the six freebies. If you are a local musician/group (preferably an independent who could use a break) looking for publicity/album cover work, please get in touch!!



(Singer/Songwriter Matt Simmonds at the recent Toronto VOX 2 Songwriters Circle at the Cameron House)

Angela Saini #2

Today’s image is the official publicity photo I made of Angela Saini for her Canadian Music Week performances. Her expression really seems to evoke the idea of telling a story.

Angel Saini Publicity Photo


(Make-up and Styling by Lisa Holbrook)


Here is Angela’s performance info:

Friday, March 22 –Cest What? (full band show)
67 Front St E Toronto

Saturday, March 23 – Free Times Café (solo acoustic show)
320 College St Toronto
12am (midnight)

Stage Interaction

Another image from the VOX Toronto Songwriters Circle from last Thursday. As only one of the four songwriters was performing at any given time, it was interesting to watch the interplay and expressions of the other artists when they were not playing.