Bluffer’s Park Beach 2: Driftwood

In my second post on the beach at Bluffer’s park I am featuring a number of images of driftwood that caught my in the early morning sun this past Saturday. One piece of driftwood in particular really stood out, and is featured in multiple frames. All images created using my Hasselblad 500C/M, shot on Rollei RPX25 film.

Bluffers Beach HB RPX25017

Bluffers Beach HB RPX25002

Bluffers Beach HB RPX25015
Bluffers Beach HB RPX25012
Bluffers Beach HB RPX25011
Bluffers Beach HB RPX25010
Bluffers Beach HB RPX25008
Bluffers Beach HB RPX25007

Bluffers Beach HB RPX25001

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