Fort George: One Roll, Twelve Images

It is very rare that I am happy with all twelve images on a medium format roll of film; one of my rolls from this past weekend in Niagara-On-the-Lake is one such example. It was a very hot day, with a brilliant sky and the ground baked hard under my feet. Fort George is a wide open space, with little respite from an unrelenting sun, and forme the use of a red filter to darken the sky and make the light more dramatic really helped capture the day. The camera was my Hasselblad 500C/M and the film was Rollei RPX400, developed in Rodinal.

N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16010

N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16012
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16011
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16009
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16008
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16007
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16006-Edit
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16005
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16004
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16003
N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16002

N.O.L. Hassy RPX400 8-16001

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