Do My Research

I recently got a Jupiter 12 35mm/2.8 lens. A copy of the classic pre-WW II Carl Zeiss Biogon I picked it up inexpensively planning to use it on my Contax IIIa body, but after I bought it I found out the lens was not compatible, so in order to use the lens I needed to get a Kiev body. The Kiev was a Ukrainian-built copy of the Contax body. but with the lens comparability.  Luckily Kiev bodies are not expensive either. Together they make an impressive combination; I love the look of this lens in this test roll I finished yesterday in Taylor Creek Park!!

Kiev plus Jupiter 12


Kiev IIIa, Jupiter 12 35mm/2.8 lens,
Svema Foto 200 film developed in Pyrocat-HD,
1+1+100 fo 16 minutes @ 20 C

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