Strength, Part 2

Today another image from the shoot with remarkable model Sarah D. What I like in this photograph is Sarah’s expression; so many images involving female nudity feature expressions that seem to say “I am plaything, I am possession, I am submissive to you.” None of those messages are present in Sarah’s expression: it is an expression of strength, of self-possession, of someone confident in herself and her body. The partial nudity is almost incidental; the facial expression is the key to this image.

Sarah film003

Sarah’s strength is also drawn from her supportive family. In contrast to many nude models who feel they must strive to keep their modelling a secret from family and friends, Sarah is able to be be open about her art; when the first pictures from the shoot were posted her mother posted a nice, supportive comment, and I found this quite touching. I have since learned that other members of her family have also seen the images and have been very complimentary to Sarah, and that brings a smile to my face.

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