What a Coincidence!

Today’s image has quite a story to it! I made this picture in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007 while on vacation with my family. A couple was getting married on the rocks, and everyone around got to be a temporary member of a congregation, although the little flower girl in the right side of the image spent most of her time dancing around the rocks instead of paying attention. At the end of the ceremony the couple kissed, people applauded and the ceremony was over. End of story until this morning. So why am I posting an older image, taken using a digital camera (my old Digital Rebel) and in colour?

Today I received an email from a man in Germany, who was the groom, who found the picture and was very happy to have it, as he did not have many pictures of the ceremony. Little online miracles like this make me smile 🙂



One thought on “What a Coincidence!

  1. Nice story, John – it’s amazing how connected the world has become, not always for good, but in this case it was!

    And I suppose you could say that by starting out with their marriage on the rocks, it had no way to go but up 😉


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