Social Media Has Changed My Photography

It has been some time since I was seriously into photography, and in that time, I have become involved a lot in social media, and it has had an interesting effect on my images. I am an introvert by nature, and in the past, taking pictures of people I didn’t know was difficult. Since getting into social media however, it’s been easier for me to meet new people, and now taking pictures of people I don’t know is getting easier.

A few weeks ago, along with my daughters I was involved in a video shoot for local Ontario singer/songwriter Andrea Gauster. I was playing a photographer in the video, and also took the chance to take a lot of pictures of the video shoot. While in position, waiting for the camera to roll, I saw another cast member perfectly posed, in great diffused light, so I went up and asked to take a picture (seen below).

I couldn’t have done that five years ago.


One thought on “Social Media Has Changed My Photography

  1. Hi fellow park artist! I see you captured the creation of my sketched masterpiece… Took a browse through your other shots from that day and they look great! Nice meeting you – Ana


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