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Texture and Sharpness

This image is from a visit to High Park in the fall of 2015. The combination of the Rollei RPX 25 film, Rodinal developer and the Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/1.5 lens mounted on my Contax IIIa made for very good sharpness, I love these slow speed films! (I left the sprockets etc. in the scan because I liked the way it looks 🙂 ).

Contax RPX 25015

StandOff With a Squirrel

I only had a 50mm normal lens; I knew it and the squirrel knew it, and I couldn’t get closer without the squirrel scurrying off. I think the squirrel was silently chuckling.


Contax IIIa, 5omm/1.5 Sonnar lens
Rollei RPX 25 film developed in Rodinal 1+50


Another image created with my Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5 lens (on my Contax IIIa rangefinder). At a wide aperture (in this case f2) this is not a sharp lens, and it has a focus shift that makes it a challenge to work with. I do like its atmosphere though.



Contax IIIa, Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/1.5 lens
Svema Foto 100 film, developed in Xtol 1+1 for 10 minutes @ 20 C

Zeiss Sonnar

This image was created using my Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/1.5 lens. This is a very quirky lens when used at large apertures, and will definitely take some learning!



Contax IIa, 50mm/1.5 Zeiss Sonnar lens
Svema Foto 100 film developed in Xtol 1+1 10 minutes @ 20 C