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The Subway Tunnel of Memory

Two more images from the rail museum in Halton. In one of the barns they have two old TTC subway cars. I remember riding these models when I first came to Toronto in the early 1980’s. Now they live on in a permanent twilight. Weird, and a bit sad to see them empty.


Voigtlander Bessa T, 15m/f4.5 Superwide Heliar lens
1/8th second @ f4.5
Ilford HP5+ film


On the subway to work this morning, the intensity of this man’s expression caught my attention; he spent the whole time whispering to himself under his breath.

Intensity of Expression

On the Edge

I like taking pictures of people on public transit here in Toronto, and as I have a long commute to work, I have plenty of opportunity! I take the pictures on the sly most of the time, and an iPhone is perfect for this stealth photography. I also like the look of the various Hipstamatic vintage effects. I don’t know for sure if this woman realized I was taking her picture, but I think she realized on some level that something was going on — her look is unsettling, and fascinating, and I like the random hand forcing its way into the image

Eyes and hand

Catching a Train and a Break

Toronto is testing some new subway cars, and one of the nice features is that with these new cars the train is open from end to end, so you can walk between cars. From a photographic point of view, seeing right to the end of the train offers some interesting photographic opportunities. I had been wanting to shoot one of the new trains with a super-wide angle, and this past Saturday morning I lucked out. I had my Leica IIIf with me, with the 21mm/f4 Voigtlander Color Skopar lens. I had to shoot wide-open at 1/40 second, but I did get some that were sharp.

New Subway Cars - Toronto