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Out For a Stroll

Like I said in a previous post, street photography is outside of my comfort zone, but I am working on it. One observation that I and others have made is that if you are shooting with a film camera you get treated with less suspicion by passersby than if you are shooting with a digital camera / smartphone. These images were created with my Rolleiflex and my Hasselblad.

Toronto hassy Street020

Toronto hassy Street003

Street Rollef RP 400009

The Soul of Scotland

I took a picture of this gentleman outside of Edinburgh Castle. He is not wearing a kilt or playing bagpipes, but to me his expression seems to show the essence of the Scottish character.

Outside of Edinburgh Castle

Rolleiflex E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Tri-X developed in Tmax Dev 1+4, 6 minutes @ 20 C


The Expression

I was in Hamilton this past weekend at a social gathering with some of my best Social Media friends. On the way from supper Saturday to a pub we walked through the beginning of that evening’s Hamilton Art crawl. The street was already crowded with artists, musicians, performers and pedestrians of all kinds. I had literally not much more than a second or two to get this shot; technically it’s not perfect, but I like it — I wonder what the story is behind expression of the woman on the right! There must be a story there!

Hamilton Art Crawl Street vendors