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Old Building

I’ve been meaning to take some images of this old building in Toronto for some time, so when I was out with my Baby Speed Graphic last weekend I made a stop. I just love the Kodak Ektar lens on this camera!

Boarded up Building


(Baby Speed Graphic with 120 roll film holder, 101mm Kodak Ektar lens, Tri-X developed in Xtol 1:1 for 9 minutes)

Graphic Imagery

Today’s image was taken about a week ago; I was at Downsview subway station, waiting to meet someone from whom I was buying some film (and got a great deal on 20 rolls of some medium format Fuji colour negative film!). With me I had my “Baby” Speed Graphic (originally designed to shoot 2 1/4″  x 3 1/4″ sheet film, I was shooting 6 x 7 cm images on 120 roll film, via a film holder from an Mamiya RB 67). It has a 101mm Kodak Ektar lens, which I just love!

Downsview Station, Bus Level

By the Window

This image is from a log cabin in Troy Historic Village in Troy, Michigan. I had a great shoot with amazing model/actress Nicole Guibord. Even with a fire going in the fireplace, and a space heater, it was a chilly room, but the natural light from the windows was amazing. The only issue was that it got a bit smoky towards the end, so I had to boost the contrast in post. For this image, I used my “Baby” Speed Graphic, with a roll film adapter, on a tripod.

Nicole by the Window


On a cold January 1st, we went and spent time at the Toronto Zoo. I took along my Speed Graphic 2×3, and guessed at exposure, using the Sunny 16 approach. The Polar bears didn’t seem to be minding the cold.

Polar Bear enjoying a brisk January 1 at Toronto Zoo

Speed Graphic

Good morning and Happy New Year!

I took this image yesterday close to home. I was shooting with a Miniature Speed Graphic, a vintage press camera (with a 6×7 roll film holder from a Mamiya RB67). This is an intriguing camera. Utterly manual, so easy to make mistakes, and yet photo journalists of the past were expected to “get the shot” with this kind of gear. My respect for photographers of the past continues to rise.

The Snow's Edge