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The Only Cafe Portrait Series #3 (Jeff)

Today the third portrait in this ongoing project. It was fun chasing the best light around the table for this portrait; I asked Jeff to sit in three different chairs, and the light was definitely the best where he was sitting for this image.

Sony A7ii, 58m/f2 Helios 44 lens

The Old and Newish Continued

I am continuing to have fun with the combination of my close to six decades old Helios lens and my only a few years old Sony A7ii digital body. This image is from the Beaches this past Sunday. I managed to capture some of the background swirl this lens is known for.

Sony A7ii, 58/f2 Helios 44 lens

The Only Cafe Portrait Series #2 (Ori)

I have decided to start a new long term project called The Only Cafe Portrait Series; all images as follows:

  1. All portraits taken at The Only Cafe, my spiritual home on the Danforth in East Toronto.
  2. I will be using my Sony A7ii, with a more than half century old Helios 44 lens (58mm/f2)
  3. The end results will be black and white.

Today’s portrait of my good friend Ori is actually the second in the series. (Link to the first). If you are in Toronto (or plan to be in the future) and would like be a subject for this project, let me know at johngmeadows@gmail.com.

Sony A7ii, 58mm/f2 Helios 44 lens

Outing With a friend (The Only Cafe Portrait Series)

I was out with a photography friend yesterday, and I took this portrait of him at the Only Cafe. The technology was old and new; the camera was my Sony A7ii, but the lens was my old Soviet era Helios 44/2 lens, mounted via adapter. The light was from an overcast day, coming in through a window. I love what this lens can do!

Sony A7ii, Helios 44/2 lens (58mm/f2)

Run Away With Me

I saw this graffiti on a disused, derelict railroad track in Toronto’s Don Valley. I would love to know the story behind it. How did the story end, or did the story even have a beginning? Perhaps it was nothing more than a shy dream, never to be spoken out loud.

Sony A7ii, 28-70 lens