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Struggling on a Wintery Day

Recently there was a film photowalk on a rather wintery day in Toronto. I was out with my nearly sixty year old Zenit 3M SLR with my 44 Helios lens. The viewfinder quickly got wet/ obscured in the snow, and it was very hard to focus. Not much was sharp that day!

Through the Window

The first of likely a few posts from Whistler (once I develop my film this weekend). I was at a meeting this past week in Whistler, B.C.  I had an amazing view from my hotel window, and took more than a couple of images at various times of today in various lighting conditions. Winter light to my eyes often has a pewter-like tone, like it did when I took this image.


Nikon P600 camera

Sharp Shadows

This past Sunday was a glorious winter day: bright and clear, with a dazzling crystal light: like being inside the diamond.  The sharp lines and shadows that would have made an outdoor portrait session very difficult made other kinds of images possible.

This was the first time I had shot on the Voigtlander Bessa 66 120 format folding camera, given to me by my friend David Kent. This model has the amazing Color Skopar lens, and I am very impressed with its sharpness.


Voigtlander Bessa 66 camera, Rollei RPX 400 film

The First Day of the Year

I have made it a tradition the last few years to go out camera in hand on the morning of January 1st, regardless of the weather. This year was grey and cool for most of the day, but I still went down to the Beaches in the morning, with my Nikon F2 and three lenses. This image was taken with my 50mm/1.4 lens, on TMax 400 film.

2016 Jan 2 meetup018

The F2 is one of my cameras that doesn’t get used as much as it should as, and I have more than a couple of cameras in that category, so one of my photography goals for 2016 is, no buying of cameras or lenses (repair/replacement excepted, as needed)! Time to use more of what I have.

Embracing the Snow

This past Saturday I had a photoshoot in High Park scheduled with actress/dancer Justine Cargo. The weather turned on us, and we had heavy snow for most of the shoot. Rather than cancel, we made the snowfall part of the shoot, and in this image, Justine created an amazing expression of joy that I was fortunate to capture.

Dancing in the Snowstorm


Nikon D7100, 18-200 Nikkor lens
Post processing with Nik Efex/Lightroom


This image was created the day after the first significant snowfall of the season here in Toronto. The snow turned so many otherwise mundane objects into interesting collections of lines and patterns.

Snow on Bench


Nikon F2, 24mm/2.8 Nikkor lens, Tri-X developed in D-23 1:1 for 13 minutes