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This photograph from Ward’s Island was created with long-expired “red scale” colour negative film. Red scale film is film that is reversed in the roll, so you are shooting through the orange film base, resulting in some interesting tonality. I had no idea if the film was still usable, I didn’t even know the original speed of the film (before accounting for the red effect on exposure). I was very happy to see how it turned out.

Kodak Medalist 620 camera, “Red scale” C-41 Colour film

Red Scale

Today;s image was shot recently using the redscale technique. For this technique, you use regular C-41 colour negative film, but wound backwards in the film cassette, so you are shooting through the back of the film. The light hits the red emulsion layer first, resulting in the deep red and orange tones in the resulting images. I love the effect; it makes me feel like I am on Ray Bradbury’s version of Mars.

Red Scale - Don Valley


(Pentax K1000, 28mm/2.8 Pentax lens, C-41 ISO 400 no-name expired colour film, wound backwards)