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4×5 at the Rail Bridge

Last weekend I got together with friends Sean and Ori for some large format shooting at the unused rail bridge in the lower Don Valley in Toronto. I was shooting my Speed Graphic 4×5, with a 127mm/4.7 Kodak Ektar lens, using Fomapan 100 film.

Rail bridge 4x5_004

Rail bridge 4x5_003

Here’s a image of my friend Sean, setting up an shot with his 4×5 view camera, taken with my Olympus XA 35mm.


And finally a shot of me! (Image taken by Sean Patenaude with his Nikon, used with permission)

13063941_10156752988150548_1689873712_o (1)


The Track

This past Saturday I met up with my fellow hosts of the Classic Camera Revival podcast to record future episodes and go for a photo walk. We met up in Milton, which has this great park downtown, including a no longer used, but preserved stretch of rail.


Canon P rangefinder, 35mm/2.5 Voigtlander Skopar lens
TMax 400 film developed in Ilfosol. 
Toning and vignette in post


Today’s image is of disused railway tracks in the lower Don Valley here in Toronto. Disused tracks means more transport traffic on our roads (and more pollution), but if not properly regulated, railway accidents can have tragic consequences, as we were so graphically reminded in the last few days. hard not to feel conflicted.

Rails 2


(Mamiya Universal Press Camera, 127mm/f4.7 lens, 120/220 6x9cm roll film back,
expired Portra 160 film in 220 format)