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The Beaten Path

I love the organic look of unpaved trails. There is a sense of magic and story in them.

All these images are from a walk last Monday through High Park, taken with a Nikon N90s 35mm camera and Tamron 17mm superwide lens. Film used was Rollei RPX 400, developed in Perceptol developer.

High Park N90s RPX 400 026-Edit
High Park N90s RPX 400 013-Edit
High Park N90s RPX 400 008-Edit
High Park N90s RPX 400 006-Edit

High Park N90s RPX 400 014-Edit

Deeper Than Any Forest Primeval

I guess I’m an old softie at heart: one of my favourite love songs is “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg. As I was out yesterday morning in High Park in the forest path near Keele Station, the dim light from the morning overcast and the silence reminded me of a line from the song:

Deeper than any forest primeval, I am in love with you.”

The forest did feel very deep and moody yesterday, and these three images for me capture the mood. All were created using my Nikon N90s 35mm SLR, 17mm/3.5 Tamron Ultra-wide angle lens, shot on Rollei RPX400 film, developed in Perceptol.

High Park N90s RPX 400 029-Edit

High Park N90s RPX 400 028-Edit

High Park N90s RPX 400 027-Edit


Recently I bumped into my photographer friend Leon Bonin, near Downtown Camera in Toronto. When it comes to street photography, Leon is absolutely fearless; he will ask anyone if he can take his/her picture, and he gets great results.

From a technical point of view,  I am very happy with the combination of HP5+ film (not know for super fine grain) and Perceptol developer. Reasonably tight grain, and nice tonality!

RFlex HP5 perceptol005

Rolleiflex 3.5E3 (Xenotar lens)
Ilford HP5+ film developed in Perceptol