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Street Shooting Lenses

The last few days I have been trying my Nikkor 85/1.8 lens on my Nikon F2 for street shooting, and I am really liking the this focal length; so many images just seem to present themselves, like today’s image of a dog owner coming back to collect his dog. (I was originally trying to get a shot of the dog alone, but the owner came back just as I was about to shoot).

Picking up the Dog


(Nikon F2 with 85mm/1.8 Nikkor lens, Tri-X film at E.I. 400 developed in Xtol 1:1 for 9 minutes)


Another product of the bybrid workflow today: this image was captured last weekend with a Nikon F2 body, 24mm f2.8 lens, on Fomapan 100 developed in TMax developer. I then scanned the negative, and added some glow using Nik software in post. The look I was going for was being in a dream.

Dream Gateway 1

Times Two

Models Emily DeCoteau and Jennifer Bettencourt have both graced my blog multiple times, so it was only fitting that a shoot involving two models would feature them. The idea was a faerie theme, shot in Guild Park, the perfect location. Shooting two models instead of one takes twice the energy, and increases the variables involved, but happily this shoot went very well. Emily and Jennifer worked together very well, and both displayed great characters, with interesting contrasts. I am quite happy with the results.

Emily and Jennifer film

(Nikon FE, 105/2.5 Nikkor lens, 35mm Kodak Portra Colour negative film, developed in home C-41 kit)


I love reflections, especially reflections that create distortion: geometry and optics become a plaything, and all I do is capture photons at play.

This image is of reflections on a building in downtown Toronto, not far from the Ontario Art Gallery. I am reminded a bit of Escher; if I stare at this image long enough the shapes and angles almost seem to ripple.


One technical point about the photo; I used my just acquired Nikon N90s to create this picture. Little more than 10 years ago, the street price of a N90s body was around $1,000. I got my somewhat beat-up but perfectly functional specimen for about $50 on eBay.

Obsolescence rocks!!! 🙂