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Two Solitudes – Another Take

After a fun Nikkormat – themed photowalk with my friend Bill Smith, we ducked into a pub for a beer. From our table facing the front of the restaurant I couldn’t help but notice a couple who seemed oblivious to each other, and were glued to their phones. I couldn’t resist the image, so I picked up the Nikkormat  with a 105mm/2.5 lens, and shot a few frames wide open at 1/60th of a second, guessing on the exposure (since the camera did not have a functioning meter) and hoping  I could get one frame of Tri-X sufficiently sharp. I got lucky.

W. Bill NKMT TX MicX  005

A Great Combo

I am seriously liking the combination of the 105mm/f2.5 Nikkor portrait lens, and Polypan F film (developed in Tmax developer 1:9 for 8.5 minutes at 20 degrees). It seems made for subjects such as the lovely Jenna (taken yesterday in High Park in Toronto)

Jenna in High Park, Toronto