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Project 6-3-1 Update

Today’s image is from my 6-3-1 project. I had a shoot yesterday with rapper/Hip Hop artist Saint Vybz.He’s busy recording an album, which is being produced by my friend Stevie Z. I used my Mamiya Universal Press camera, 127mm f4.7 lens with red 25A filter, on Fuji FP3000B instant film. This is a scan of the negative.  I thought the grit suited the mood we were going for.

Hip Hop Negative Scan

Another Instant Hybrid

Today’s image is another example of starting with the negative from a Fuji FP3000B instant print, with some post work and toning. The model Luna is a graphic arts student. I love working with artists, actors, musicians etc. They get it! 🙂

Luna 2

A Different Perspective

I turned this picture upside down, and I like the results, especially her expression!

A different perspective

(Mamiya Universal Press Camera, 127mm f4.7 lens, Fuji FP3000B Instant film, lit with “Sun Gun” lates 1950’s quartz-halogen movie light bounced in umbrella,
scan of original 3.25 x 4.25 inch print)