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I had a great time yesterday shooting with Rebecca again; I used a variety of cameras, including my Nikon D7100 and LensBaby Spark lens. The Spark is an interesting lens: it is a doublet (only two elements), and you focus by squeezing it like an accordion for a focus point, surrounded by blur; it can be a trick to control, but it is fun to use!



I think today’s image (another one of Jenna in High Park) is the first I’ve posted that was created using a Lensbaby Spark lens. I guess one could call this a piece of neo-primitive technology: the lens has only 2 elements, one fixed aperture, and to focus one pulls the front of the lens back with your fingers, like a built in bellows. What is fun is that by changing the angle of the bellows you can put the focus point anywhere you like.

Jenna in High Park using Lens Baby