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Four Portraits

When I attended MMPR (the Marshall McLuhan Podcasting Round able) last weekend in Hamilton, I went with one camera: my 80ish year old Leica IIIa. When paired with a Canon Serenar 50mm/1.8 lens it makes for a good portrait combo!

Leica IIIa, 50mm/f1.8 Canon Serenar lens
Rollei SuperPan 200 film

Sunlight in Oakville

Last weekend I met up with my friend Bill Smith in Oakville on the way to a Classic Camera Revival recording session. It was a brilliantly sunny morning, and the look of this building in the bright sun caught my eye.

Leica IIIa, 50mm/f1.8 Canon Serenar lens
Svema Foto 100 film

Stone Arch at Limehouse

Yesterday I visited my the Limehouse Conservation area for the first time with my good friend Bill Smith. This stone arch really caught my eye.

Leica IIIa, 50mm/1.8 Canon Serenar lens
Ilford FP4+ film